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Knowledge Transfer

The FFIT Centre is a leading venue for knowledge transfer within the agriculture industry. Our ethos is to drive the future of UK agricultural development (in terms of sustainability and profitability), building close relationships with sector leaders – from nutrition and agronomy to machinery and processing.

Our recent industry day for Cooperative milk suppliers enabled us to showcase the latest in farming innovations to more than 60 farmers. Laura teasdale, Ainsley Barker and Paul Fox of Kite Consulting who organised the event in partnership with FFIT staff said: 

“James, Liza and the team at Myerscough were great to work with.  The classroom facilities were just right for the indoor discussions we had and seeing the farm aspects helped to pull discussions into context.  Along with the excellent catering this is a great venue for a farm meeting.”

Our livestock enterprise comprises of 220 head of Holstein dairy cattle, a 75 cow commercial suckler herd, a 20 head pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd and up to 1400 commercial sheep flock. 

The latest farming techniques and innovations are utilised. Afi Milk 5.2 is enhancing the dairy sector, giving milk analysis via infra-red technology at each milking on an individual cow basis. This generates health, fertility, and nutrition alerts. The dairy unit is also utilising Hanskamp walk through out of parlour feeders, enabling dairy cattle to have their diets comprising two compound feeds and a liquid feed, blended to their own specific requirements.

The beef unit includes a state of the art cattle handling facility, designed by the influences of Temple Grandin. The sweeping curves encourage the cattle to move calmly through the handling system in to a hydraulic squeeze crush. This optimises the operation, enhancing cattle welfare and t
cereal crops, predominantly harvested for whole crop for our own animal’s consumption.

For more information, and to discuss your requirments, please contact our Director of Farming Innovations and Operations, James Oddie –