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Research & Field Trials

Myerscough farms are renowned for undertaking a range of research activities; from undergraduate dissertations and postgraduate studies to dedicated research trials with commercial and academic partners. These include investigations into living soil communities and how these change with agricultural management and focusing on greenhouse gas emissions. Other research projects include: the feasibility of anaerobic digestate and wood ash recycling as a fertiliser source; commercial feed trials; the importance of spiders as aphid control and how populations are influenced by cultivation methods.

The FFIT Centre and Livestock Innovation Centre (LIC) open up many more possibilities for research and development that will enhance the food and farming industries through innovation and technology. The Centre's modern facilities provide easy handling of animals with automatic digital weighing enable us obtain food intake to weight gain conversion of livestock.

FITT and LIC provides laboratories and instrument rooms where data can be observed and stored, sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity across the farms, as well as conference facilities and meeting rooms to enable development and networking events to take place between academic, commercial and research partners.