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Dr. Andrew Hirons

Andrew Hirons - Senior Lecturer in ArboricultureAndrew D. Hirons is a Senior Lecturer in Arboriculture at Myerscough College, UK. He began his career in arboriculture as a climbing arborist and plant health care technician, gaining experience in Australia, America and the UK before joining the arboriculture department at Myerscough College in 2004. As well as acting as a Course Tutor for the Online Foundation Degree in Arboriculture and Tree Management, he teaches modules relating to tree biology, tree establishment and tree management. His current research activity is motivated by the need to create resilience in our urban forests, and is focused on using plant traits to inform species selection for urban environments.

Tree Selection for Green Infrastructure is now available to download (link below). This digital guidance aims to help you select appropriate trees for your planting scheme. A series of chapters provide a commentary on the interpretation of this guide and tree species selection for green infrastructure. Specific information on over 280 trees, illustrated with over 800 photographs, is included in the Tree Profiles section. A Tree Selector tool also helps you identify candidate trees by a range of criteria.
To download your FREE copy of the guidance, please use the following link:
Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers

Andrew is also the co-author of Applied Tree Biology, published by Wiley Blackwell.  

Applied Tree Biology front cover

As well as being a frequent contributor to a range of knowledge exchange events and conferences, Andrew’s other activities include sitting on the Education and Training Committee of the Arboricultural Association.


Selected Publications

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