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Horticulture and Applied Plant Science

Getting Ready for your Horticulture Degree Course


The following information aims to ensure that you are well prepared for your Horticulture and Applied Plant Science course at University Centre Myerscough when you start in September.

Apart from the more practical things like making sure that you have sorted your funding and accommodation, there are a couple of things that you can usefully do.

Plant Science

Both the FdSc and the BSc are science based courses and there will be a certain level of knowledge of plant science assumed when you are doing the more science based modules. It maybe that you have already got this level of science knowledge from your previous courses, but if not it is important that you bring your knowledge up to a suitable level before you start so that you can make the most of what you are being taught. Reading the following 3 booklets over the summer would be a really good way to get yourself up to speed. The associated quiz will then allow you to check if you have understood the basics.

Plant Morphology Booklet                     Plant Morphology Quiz                  

Plant Cells and Anatomy Booklet          Plant Cells and Anatomy Quiz

Plant Physiology Booklet                        Plant Physiology Quiz


Information Video

Botany A Blooming History A Confusion of Names - This video will provide a helpful introduction to Botany.


Plant Systematics Factsheet

When you are out and about, this factsheet will help you in the identification of the 50 most common plant families in temperate regions.

Select this link to access the sheet ​​