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Veterinary Nursing Pre-entry Exam Information

This page is only for applicants who have been advised that they can complete an Exam in place of achieving the Biology Requirement for the Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing. 

Who can be considered?

The Exam will be offered to applicants who do not currently meet the entry criteria in relation to the Biology Academic requirement, but have a strong application overall and have already met (or have the potential to meet) all other entry requirements.


In order to be considered, you will need to complete a 1-hour written examination, comprising a number of multiple choice questions and a couple of short answers questions. The exceptional entry examination covers basic biology content that you will have studied at GCSE/ Level 2 Biology lessons at high school or College, and there is some basic anatomy and physiology content in there too (mammalian only...nothing to do with plants).

Whilst we do not recommend / accept things like Wikipedia as a robust source of evidence to support assignment work on our veterinary nursing courses, the Wikibook about the Anatomy and Physiology of Animals appears to be quite good in terms of accuracy, and more than adequate in relation to preparing for this assessment. Perhaps have a read through the different sections prior to your exam. This is the link to it:

The Pass Mark

In order to successfully use the results of the exam in place of the Biology Entry Criteria, you will need to achieve a Distinction grade in the exam.


If you complete the exam and achieve a Distinction but don't meet another area of entry criteria (such as work experience) or if you wish to defer, you will be able to use the results from the exam in future years.

Additional Reading

We would recommend any Veterinary Nurse text book such as the BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing or Aspinall’s Textbook of Veterinary Nursing.


If you need any advice about the examination please contact:
Claire Bloor
01995 642339

Rebecca Gillett
01995 642366