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HE Meeting Locations - 2019

Find your course area using the list below.

The number next to the location refers to the campus map.

The University Centre postcode is PR3 0RY

If you can't find your room, don't worry, there will be University Centre Staff across the campus to escort you to your allocated meeting point or you can report to the Main Reception.

Download a campus map!


Agriculture and Countryside - Report to the Rural Skills Centre (34)

Includes the courses:

FdSc Ecology and Conservation Management

FdSc Agriculture

BSc (Hons) Agriculture


Animal Studies - Report to the Animal Academy Centre (41)

Includes the courses:

BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Welfare

FdSc Animal Science and Welfare (Health Care Management)

FdSc Animal Science and Welfare (Zoo Conservation Biology)

MSc Animal Science

Equine- Report to the International Equine Arena (44/45)

Includes the courses:

BA (Hons) Equine Management

BSc (Hons) Equine Science

FdSc Equine Science and Management

MSc Equine Science

Greenspace and Report to the HE Centre Café (23)

Includes the courses:

FdSc Arboriculture and Tree Management

Foundation Certificate Arboriculture

MSc Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

FdSc Horticulture and Applied Plant Science

Foundation Certificate Horticulture

FdA Professional Floristry and Floral Design

BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture


Motorsport and Agricultural Engineering - Report to the Main Motorsport Workshop (40)

Includes the courses:

FdSc Agricultural Machinery Engineering

FdSc Motorsport Management and LogisticsN

FdSc Motorsport Competition Car Technology

FdSc Competition Motorcycle Technology


Sports - Report to the Sports Centre Reception (20)

Includes the courses:

FdSc Football Coaching and Performance

FdA Golf Management

FdSc Cricket Coaching and Performance

FdSc Rugby Coaching and Performance

FdSc Strength and Conditioning

BA (Hons) Golf Management

BSc (Hons) Golf Coaching and Performance

FdSc Basketball Coaching and Performance

FdSc Golf Coaching and Performance


Veterinary Nursing - Report to Veterinary Nursing Centre Reception (43)

Includes the courses:

FdSc Veterinary Nursing