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Part Time Online Degree - Your Offer

If your application is successful you will be made an offer.

Enrolment takes place online during the summer. You will not be eligible to enrol until you are in receipt of an Unconditional offer and have ACCEPTED IT via MyPage.

There are two types of offer that can be made:

Conditional Offer

This will be subject to your Level 3 results or providing evidence of previously achieved qualifications. There may be other conditions such as fitness to study or gaining work experience but this will be explained in your offer.

If you do not meet the entry criteria stated on the course factsheets, or if the tutor needs further evidence of your ability, you may be set a pre-entry assignment. This will usually be a written assignment based on a subject specific theme.

Any deadlines stated on your offer must be met.

Failure to meet deadlines may lead to your application being rejected.


Unconditional Offer

You have a definite place on the course.


Unsuccessful Applications

If you have been unsuccessful in your application we will notify you via letter.

If you feel that the College decision is unfair or you have further information that we may not have considered then you may wish to appeal. Information on who to contact regarding this will be included in your letter.