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Teacher Training Appendix 3

You will be required to sign that you agree to this at the start of your course. 

You are embarking on a course of professional training and need to behave as a professional throughout your course. For part of the time you are a teacher (in your placement setting and while teaching) and for part of the time you are a student (whilst attending your course). However, the professional standards expected of you apply consistently and are higher than if you were on many other courses. You are also required to comply with the regulations and expectations for conduct of the university, the college and your placement institution.

You therefore need to read and agree to the following (you will sign this at the start of your course):

  1. I agree to act with integrity and trustworthiness as a teaching professional and comply with the code of professional practice and all relevant professional standards – see links below.
  2. I understand that I am expected to attend the whole course. Absence from the course could jeopardise my chances of successfully meeting the assessment criteria.
  3. I will give my tutor and mentor advance notice of and reasons for any reasonable absence from my teaching practice or input sessions.
  4. I understand that if I am absent because of illness or some unavoidable reason, it is my responsibility to make up the work I have missed.
  5. I am aware that on my placement I am representing the college and the teaching profession, and that my conduct and behaviour reflects on them as well as on me.
  6. I will arrive on time to all my teaching practice and course input sessions.
  7. I will arrive at all my teaching practice lessons fully prepared, with a completed session plan and all my materials and equipment.
  8. I will be responsible for all college/placement materials and equipment used in the teaching practice classroom/workshop and for their safe storage.
  9. I will be responsible for maintaining registers for the sessions I teach.
  10. I will not arrive at my teaching practice or course sessions under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  11. I will dress appropriately for all my teaching practice sessions, following the dress code of my placement setting.
  12. I will behave respectfully and quietly when observing other teachers’ classes and respect confidentiality.
  13. I will work co-operatively with my mentor and other tutors to plan, maintain records, collect and mark students’ work and prepare for examinations.
  14. I understand that I may only record input sessions with the prior permission of the tutor, and that this recording may only be used for personal academic purposes.
  15. I will obtain informed consent from my learners before audio or video recording my own teaching (see course handbook).
  16. I will show respect to students, staff and fellow course members regardless of race, religion, politics, sexual orientation or gender, respecting equality and diversity.
  17. I will maintain appropriate standards of honesty and integrity in management and administrative duties, including in the use of institutional property and finance.
  18. I understand that I need to maintain a professional personal internet presence and will adhere to the UCLan partnership social networking guidelines and those of my placement.
  19. I will not misuse or misrepresent my professional position, qualifications or experience, or otherwise bring the reputation and standing of the teaching profession into disrepute.
  20. I accept that this list is non-exhaustive and I agree to comply with further requirements providing they are reasonable and within the conduct and/or standards expected of a teacher.

You are also referred to the following key documents and regulations: · Education and Training Foundation Professional Standards 2014

UCLan Regulations for the Conduct of Students and Fitness to Practise Procedure