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FEATURE: Forestry gives firm career foundations

Wednesday 20 May 2020

There has never been a better or more important time to consider a career in arboriculture and the forestry sector.

Arb Tree

At Myerscough College and University Centre, there are a range of study programmes available at further and higher education level. Myerscough College is regarded by many people to be the leading UK centre for further and higher education in Arboriculture. We introduced the UK's first Foundation Degree, and the first Honours Degree in the subject and also went on to develop the first online degrees and, most recently, the Masters Degree in Arboriculture. Our tutors and students continue to set the international standard for education in arboriculture and many of our students progress to make significant contributions to the industry.

Myerscough introduced the UK’s first Foundation Degree, the first Honours Degree, the first online Degree and, most recently, the first Masters Degree in Arboriculture. We have a highly experienced team of staff who are well regarded in the industry and regularly deliver training and seminars to those working and researching the subject. The College boasts fantastic arboriculture facilities and is home to the purpose built National Centre for Arboriculture, a state of the art teaching facility for the subject.

Sharon Durdant-Hollamby is the Vice President of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and says students are the next generation of people who will shape our treescape in the future.

Speaking during Myerscough's inaugural Arbor Day earlier this year, she said: ''What was great at the end of 2019, was how trees came to the fore and during the general election were portrayed as part of the climate change solution.

''But, we have a problem. There are not enough people who know that this is such a great career. People at school are not aware that working outside is a really great living. It's highly skilled, highly technical and uses a great range of personal attributes. And it's such fun!

''I'm a self-employed arboriculture consultant. There's never a dull day. One day I can be in the inner city on a social housing development, the next on somebody's grand private estate, the next surveying trees by the side of the road. It's so varied. We need the next generation to come through.

''It's not just school leavers. At any stage you can choose a career in arboriculture. We need people to plant millions of trees, to design the woodlands, to care for the trees, whether you work perhaps for the local council, or in private practice.

''I think we've turned a corner and the industry is moving in the right direction. Land supply is key, and also the care of trees in urban areas has been brought in to sharp focus with the ongoing climate emergency that has been declared in the UK.

''There's never been a better time to work in trees and we need to do everything we can to change the treescape of the UK.''

To see the full range of arboriculture study programmes available at Myerscough College and University Centre, CLICK HERE

by Dave Salmon