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Myerscough FFIT and ready for Lancashire Innovation Festival

Wednesday 7 Oct 2020

Myerscough College’s Food and Farming Innovation and Technology Centre features as part of a brand-new festival showcasing some of Lancashire’s latest innovations later this month.


The inaugural Lancashire Innovation Festival, organised by Marketing Lancashire, will include a series of web-events hosted by industry experts from across the county throughout October, covering a wide range of themes.

One of those will be a virtual tour of the College’s sector-leading FFIT Centre, on Wednesday, October 21st.

The Food and Farming Innovation and Technology Centre at Myerscough was opened in 2017, and is available for use by a range of commercial organisations, societies, farmers groups and food businesses - for conferences, exhibitions, training courses, research, food development programmes or regional meetings, in addition to being integrated into College farm and agriculture student life.

Myerscough Farms Director, Ruari Martin, will be on hand to provide a virtual tour of the facilities and insight into how businesses can engage with the facilities.

The session will also include time for audience Q & A.

You can register for this free event here

Click here for more information about the FFIT Centre

The event coincides with the annual Colleges Week – a national week of action to highlight the great work and challenges faced by the further education sector. The theme of the day (October 21st) is ‘colleges are at the centre of innovation and designing the future.’

The message of the day will be that world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and Colleges are part of that, they help businesses with labour market planning, they are leading the way in the green economy and with technology, such as Myerscough’s FFIT Centre.

by Dave Salmon