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Myerscough library revamp a turn up for the books

Monday 1 Nov 2021

Students at Myerscough’s main Bilsborrow campus can now enjoy a much improved library experience thanks to a major revamp.

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The library now boasts new carpets and flooring, new furniture, with a move from square to round tables, a new alarm system, and colour scheme.

In addition, disabled access into the library has been further enhanced, thanks to a new automatic entrance door, implemented as part of a campus wide programme of works.

There’s also a water cascade added to help segregate the cafe area from the book stock and reading areas, and provide a calming effect as part of a move towards biophilic (nature in indoor environments) design - inspired by a student project which included the positive effects of greening and nature in office environments.

The whole library refurbishment has been arranged with the theme of sustainability – with the project using only local suppliers, and much of the existing materials within the library being recycled or refurbed.

Library and Learning Resources Manager, Jon Humfrey, explains: ‘’Sustainability was the key to the project - nothing came from abroad - and much of it was handmade, such as the shelf ends and plinths and replacement computer desks by a local Garstang company.

‘’The flooring is from natural sustainable sources. It’s a flax based product called Marmoleum, so it is fully biodegradable - and the counter top and benching is the same material.

‘’No internal walls were removed and all the existing woodwork was painted, so there’s been no wastage.

‘’Our large service desk was originally hand built as a bespoke item in 1998 when the building was commissioned - and so rather than replace it - this has been refurbished as a unique feature of the building.

‘’It has been marvellous to welcome our new students and see returning students in the newly refurbished library complete with its own water feature! Feedback from our readers has been excellent so far.’’

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